Anatomy Of A Trial

A primer for young lawyers

By Paul Mark Sandler

With Comments from the Bench by:
Hon. Marvin E. Aspen
Hon. Mark A. Drummond
Hon. Marvin J. Garbis
Hon. Paul W. Grimm

"Essential reading for anyone aspiring to be a successful litigator."
Kurt L. Schmoke, Dean, Howard University School of Law

Paul Mark Sandler's Anatomy of a Trial reveals the secrets of effective courtroom advocacy like no other legal "how-to." Centered on the real world criminal trial of a political fundraiser, the book takes readers from voir dire to verdict, offering candid, no-nonsense pointers on how to try fiercely contested cases.

Arising from a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles, the case in question highlighted the intersection of Washington politics, campaign finance, and Hollywood celebrity. In Sandler’s hands, the trial serves as a laboratory in which to discover essential lessons about litigation. With examples from the transcript, he illustrates timeless strategies for opening statements, witness examinations, and closing arguments. Complimenting his commentary are observations and critiques by distinguished jurists, who offer invaluable insights about persuasion and technique.

Perfect for young attorneys and law students, as well as seasoned lawyers, this readable primer will help foster a deep appreciation of how to succeed in the critical elements of complex trials.

Order now from the Maryland State Bar Association for $25 by calling Publications Manager Joanne Daniels at 410-685-7878, ext. 3033.

Advance Praise for Anatomy of a Trial

"Paul Mark Sandler provides what all young lawyers need in order to succeed – the wise counsel of a more experienced attorney who has seen and done it all. Mr. Sandler is the mentor that we all wish we had when we started in the courtroom."
-Hon. Lynne Battaglia, Maryland Court of Appeals

"With this book young lawyers have a superb guide for effective trial advocacy with views from an experienced trial lawyer and distinguished trial judges."
-Stephen D. Susman, Esquire, Susman Godfrey LLP

"Compelling, refreshing, and instructive. A must read. Sandler makes an invaluable contribution to young lawyers who wish to be advocates in the courtroom."
-Karen H. Rothenberg, Dean, University of Maryland School of Law

"His love of the contest is contagious, his analysis of successful advocacy is impeccable, and his tips to young lawyers are invaluable."
-Stephen A. Saltzburg, Immediate Past Chair, American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section

"Set in the context of a real trial, Anatomy of a Trial discloses the inner secrets of being a successful trial lawyer. If you are new to trying cases or want to be reminded why you love being a trial lawyer, read this book."
-Joanne A. Epps, Dean, Temple University Beasley School of Law

Order now from the Maryland State Bar Association for $25 by calling Publications Manager Joanne Daniels at 410-685-7878, ext. 3033.